DIY Bookclub Kit: The Funny Thing About Norman Forman

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Want to start a book club with friends or family, but that sounds like a lot of coordinating? Want to make the task of getting the books or coming up with discussion topics easier and on your time? Buy one of our DIY Bookclub Kits! You'll receive copies of The Funny Thing About Norman Forman by Julietta Henderson for everyone in your club, along with question sheets and bookmarks to accompany each book. 

Little Miss Sunshine meets Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in this uplifting novel about motherhood and found family. Sadie, Norman, and every other character you meet on these pages will absolutely steal your heart, while teaching a poignant lesson about life after death and of course, the importance of laughter.

A triumphant and touching debut about the unlikeliest superstar you'll ever meet.

Twelve-year-old Norman Foreman and his best friend, Jax, are a legendary comedic duo in waiting, with a plan to take their act all the way to the Edinburgh Fringe. But when Jax dies, Norman decides the only fitting tribute is to perform at the festival himself. The problem is, Norman's not the funny one. Jax was.

There's also another, far more colossal objective on Norman's new plan that his single mom, Sadie, wasn't ready for: he wants to find the father he's never known. Determined to put a smile back on her boy's face, Sadie resolves to face up to her own messy past, get Norman to the Fringe and help track down a man whose identity is a mystery, even to her.

Julietta Henderson's delightfully funny and tender debut takes us on a road trip with a mother and son who will live in the reader's heart for a long time to come, and teaches us that--no matter the odds--we must always reach for the stars.
  • Books
  • Questions
  • Bookmarks
  • A custom Underbrush Tote for you (you deserve something for coordinating!)

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