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If you're familiar with Courtney and Dominic Smith of Dandy Roll in downtown Rogers, you're probably familiar Dandy Roll Book Club. We founded DRBC in April of 2020, just a little bit after the first wave of COVID-19 cases and shutdowns hit the United States. We wanted to connect with our customers, but not just sell them something. Our solution was a book club that was actually a club. Customers would receive a book once a month, and not only would they get a discount on the book, they also received a set of questions, and after a few weeks, we would meet via Zoom to discuss our thoughts on the book. 

As time went on, DRBC grew from a small band of local customers here in Northwest Arkansas to a nationwide book club. In January of 2021, we realized that it was time to break the bookclub into its own business. However, it was integral to us to keep the community that had been born from DRBC. Thus we settled on Underbrush Books!

Everyone is familiar with the term, "underbrush," but we chose it for a specific reason: the underbrush is the part of a forest where the most plant life begins to grow, from towering oaks, to sword ferns, to morel mushrooms, to simple mosses. The underbrush is also the part of the forest that humans interact with the most, whether it's where they're hiking, picnicking, or gathering kindling to start a fire. In the spirit of growth and kindling conversation, we took a cue from nature and adopted Underbrush Books as the name for our new company.

Visit us in store to peruse our curated selection of books, enjoy a cup of tea, and hang out. Whether you're joining our monthly book club, hosting your own with friends and families, or just browsing for your next favorite read, wherever and however you join us, we can't wait to read with you!

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Barby Abney

So excited to be a part of this new journey! Wishing you the best, and will definitely stop in next time I am in Rogers.

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